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A pretty head shot, notice the amber eyes and liver pigment. Although this photo may imply differently, there is NO black pigment anywhere on Scarlett.
Scarlett, "kissing up" to Neezer.
A good shot to show color comparison.
Scarlett's very light, almost apricot color could be compared to a very light silver in the grey elkhound. Reds also come in dark, Irish Setter red and any shade in between.
Scarlett's shade is also referred to as "peach"
"Uh, don't look now, little buddy, but I think your tail is BROKE!"
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This page is devoted to two red elkhounds bred, (quite accidentally) by Cyndi Kraus of Ashlawn Acres, in Michigan. The first pictures are of "Scarlett",
Ashlawn's Scarlett Letter. The next are pictutes of "Catcher", Ashlawn's Caught Red Handed.
The next four pictures are of "CATCHER" at 8 weeks. Although the pictures don't show this well, he is a much darker shade of red than Scarlett.
The following are the remaining pictiures of Scarlett that are available at this time:
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